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Expert Melbourne Psychology and Counselling Services for Children and Adults.

Experience tailored psychology and counselling services in Melbourne at Sureway Health & Wellbeing. Our expert professionals provide compassionate support for both children and adults, fostering positive mental well-being. Trust us for personalised care and guidance on your journey to better mental health.

Our specialists in Melbourne will help you access psychology, counselling, children’s psychology, and mental health treatment services.

Sureway Health and Wellbeing is dedicated to upholding each person’s fundamental right to access vital support services and become active members of their communities.

We’re able to accomplish this goal through our Melbourne-based psychology and counselling experts.

We also have specialists in Melbourne trained in children’s psychology.

Our approach

With the help of our experienced and dedicated team of psychologists, counsellors, and social workers in Melbourne, we’ll provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space where you can open up about your concerns, explore healthy coping strategies, and improve your emotional well-being.

By following a person-centred approach, our specialists in Melbourne are able to deliver psychology and counselling services that are tailored to your needs, conditions, and objectives.

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What you can expect

Our psychology and counselling sessions in Melbourne, which can be carried out in person or through telehealth calls, usually last around 50 minutes.

For your first appointment, we’ll focus on developing a deeper understanding of you and your situation. 

Our specialists in Melbourne will then work collaboratively with you to identify the issues you wish to resolve, the changes that you want to make, and the goals you are hoping to achieve.

When dealing with children, our specialists use age-appropriate therapeutic techniques that are specifically tailored to the child’s needs, interests, situation, and condition.

Issues we can help you with

Our Melbourne-based psychology and counselling specialists are trained in following a personalised approach to deal with a variety of topics and issues. 

Some of these include depression, anxiety, adolescent issues, children’s psychology, substance abuse, relationship problems, workplace issues, and anger management. 

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