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Access mental health, psychology, & life coaching services from anywhere in Geelong.

We’re here to help you get the treatment and support that you need.

With the help of our trusted specialists in Geelong, we’ll help you access psychology and counselling services for your mental wellbeing.

Sureway Health and Wellbeing is dedicated to supporting each individual’s fundamental right to receive much-needed support services to enhance their quality of life and become engaged members of their communities.

We’re able to achieve this objective by delivering psychology, counselling, and life coaching services to Geelong residents.

Our approach

Our trusted and dedicated social workers, counsellors, life coaches, and psychologists provide a judgment-free and safe environment where you can share your concerns and develop new healthy coping strategies. 

Through our person-centred approach, our specialists in Geelong are able to help you access psychology and counselling services that are aligned with your needs, conditions, and goals.

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What you can expect

Our psychology and counselling services in Geelong can be delivered in person or through telehealth calls. Generally each session can last about 50 minutes. 

During your first session, our specialists will focus on getting to know you on a deeper and more personal level.

Then, by collaboratively working with you, they’ll help you identify the issues you want to address, the changes you hope to make, and the objectives you want to achieve.

When interacting with children, our specialists in Geelong always rely on age-appropriate therapeutic processes and strategies that are tailored to the child’s needs, interests, and situation.

Issues we can help you with

Our psychologists and counselling specialists in Geelong always follow a personalised approach when dealing with different types of issues and topics. . 

These include depression, anxiety, adolescent issues, children’s psychology, substance abuse, relationship problems, workplace issues, and anger management. 

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